Mummification Museum



Opened to the public in 1997, the Mummification Museum illustrates the processes used in the preservation of both human and animal remains, a practice believed by the ancient Egyptians to be a critical part of the quest for eternal life. The museum displays human and animal mummies, tools used in the mummification process, and examples of the types of objects traditionally buried with the dead in pharaonic times.

Labels are in Arabic, French, and English.

Winter: daily 9AM to 9PM
Summer: daily 9AM to 10PM

Egyptian: LE 2
Foreigner: LE 40

50% discount with International Student ID Card, students of archaeology with their university ID, or visitors with a card from an international Arab organization for access to the museum agreed to by UNESCO.

Free admission is available for foreign journalists with a card from the Center of Egyptian Press, and for members of foreign archaeological missions or archaeology students with an SCA pass.

Corniche el-Nil, downtown Luxor, opposite the Hotel Mercure

BY TAXI: ask for “met-haf al-teh-neet”

Cafeteria, bookstore, lecture hall, library
Weekly lectures are held on Sundays at 7PM.


No guides are allowed inside the museum, but visitors can ask the guard if a curator is available to answer any questions.

The museum is not handicapped-accessible.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Phone: (095) 2370062

Iinternior of the Mummification Museum, Luxor (SCA Archives)


Mummified crocodile (SCA Archives)