Al-Ghweita Temple
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Though the site has not been completely excavated, a temple has been revealed within the mudbrick enclosure of the town. The earliest part of the temple dates to either the 25th or 26th Dynasty, while the later work was finished under the Ptolemies. It is dedicated to the triad of Amun of Perwesekh (the ancient name of the site), Mut, and Khonsu.

Open daily, 9 AM - 5 PM

Egyptian: 1 LE
Foreign: 20 LE

Student rates available to bearers of a valid student ID from an Egyptian university or an International Student ID Card (ISIC)

Kharga Oasis

BY BUS: From el-Kharga, take a bus headed to Baris, but ask to be dropped off at the road (shari’a) leading to the temple (al-maabd), from where you will have to walk 2 km to the entrance.

BY TAXI: From el-Kharga, ask for maabd el-ghweita.


Overview of Giza

The Temple of Amun, Mut, and Khonsu at Al-Ghweita (Julie Patenaude)