The Temple of Hibis
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The Temple of Hibis, dedicated to Amun of Hibis, is the largest temple in the Kharga Oasis and the only intact structure from the Saite and Persian periods. Several blocks found on the site point to the existence of an earlier temple here. The surrounding town has never been excavated because of the modern structures that have been built above it.

Daily, 9 AM - 5 PM

Egyptian: 1 LE
Foreign: 20 LE
50% reduction for bearers of International Student ID Card

Kharga Oasis, a few miles north of el-Kharga

BY MINIBUS: Take a minibus from Midan Showla towards El-Munira. Ask to be dropped off at el-maabd.

BY TAXI: From within el-Kharga, ask for maabd Hibis.

BY FOOT: Walk from Mabrouk Fountain (2km)

The Temple of Amun at Hibis (Julie Patenaude)


The king offers to Amun in his guise as a fertility god (Julie Patenaude)