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Meidum, which lies about 100km south of modern Cairo, is the location of the first pyramid of Sneferu (first king of the 4th Dynasty), and several large mud-brick mastabas. The pyramid was originally built in the form of a step pyramid, but later in Sneferu's reign, after he had built two more major pyramids (at Dahshur), the steps were filled in to transform it into a true, smooth sided pyramid. The entrance to the pyramid is on the north-south axis, in the north wall, about fifteen meters above ground level. To the east of the pyramid is a limestone mortuary temple, the best-preserved such temple from the Old Kingdom. The complex includes a cult pyramid and an unroofed causeway, which linked the pyramid enclosure  with a valley temple.

Daily, 9 AM - 5 PM

Egyptian: 2 LE
Foreign: 30 LE
50% reduction for bearers of International Student ID Card

Near the Faiyum

From Ramses Station or from Faiyum, take the train to El-Wasta and then a service taxi to Meidum.

The pyramid of Sneferu at Meidum (Christina Geisen)


One of the large mastabas at Meidum, built for a member of the royal family (Christine Geisen)