The Goddess Selket

Selket is one of the four goddesses that protected the gilded wooden canopic shrine of King Tutankhamun. Here, Selket is shown in the form of a woman with a scorpion atop her head, her arms gracefully outstretched to guard the king. Each of the four goddesses who guarded the canopic chest, which contained the king’s mummified internal organs, was associated with one of the sons of Horus. Selket was paired with the hawk-headed genius Qebehsenuef.


New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty
Original: Gilded wood
Egyptian Museum, Cairo
Model: 85 x 69 x 21 cm
Price: Polyblend 1000 LE
Miniature model: 36 x 26 x 8 cm
Price: Polyblend 150 LE