Karanis (Kom Aushim)
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The ancient site of Karanis (Kom Aushim) lies approximately 50 miles southeast of Cairo, in the Faiyum Oasis. Founded as a military settlement by Ptolemy II Philadelphus in the 3rd Century B.C., the town flourished as a center of agriculture and trade for more than seven hundred years. Today, visitors can see the remnants of a once bustling rural community, including the foundations of mud-brick homes, courtyards, and the two main avenues that once ran through the town.

Two stone temples from the Ptolemaic period remain standing, one of which dates back to the 1st century B.C. and is dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek (or Souchos, as the Greeks called him). Tourists can also visit the nearby Kom Aushim Museum to see the impressive number of Greco-Roman artifacts that have been discovered among the ruins. Karanis was one of the first Greco-Roman sites ever to be excavated in Egypt, and has produced important evidence for daily life might have been like for the average Egyptian living under Greek, and subsequently Roman, rule.

The ruins are open daily, 8 AM - 5 PM.
The Ptolemaic temples and Kom Aushim Museum are open from 8 AM - 4 PM

for the temples: Egyptian: 2 LE
Foreign: 20 LE
for the museum: Egyptian: 2 LE
Foreign: 16 LE
50% reduction for bearers of International Student ID Card.

Kom Aushim, Faiyum Oasis. , Approximately 50 miles southeast of Cairo, and 16 miles north of Medinat El-Faiyum

BY BUS: Buses run regularly from Cairo to Medinat el-Faiyum via Midan Ahmed Helmi.

BY TRAIN: Trains run between Cairo and Medinat el-Faiyum from Ramses or Giza Stations. From Medinat el-Fayum, three train lines run to the El-Fayyum Oasis via El Wasta, Sennouris (via Biahmu), and Abuqsah (via Ibshaway).

BY CAR/TAXI: If driving from Cairo, cars reach the Faiyum Oasis via the Desert Road from Giza. If using a taxi service, once in the area, ask for the Kom Aushim Museum.

SPECIAL SECURITY NOTE: If you are not using the local public transportation, please note that security restrictions in the Faiyum area may require foreign tourists to travel with a police escort.

In Medinat el-Faiyum, there is a kiosk for tourist information and a cafeteria.

Fayyum Tourist Authority
Phone: (084) 634-2313.

The Ptolemaic temple of Sobek (SCA Archive)


The interior of the Ptolemaic temple of Sobek (SCA Archive)