Rules and Regulations for Museums



To Request Information:
Scholars or students needing basic object information about objects in specific museums should consult the website of that museum for instructions.

To Apply for Other Object Study:
Outside scholars or students who wish to study objects in the SCA’s collections other than in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo, should send a letter of request at least three months in advance of the proposed study to the Department of Foreign Missions:

Dr. Mohamed Ismail
Director, Department of Foreign Missions
3 El-Adel Abu Bakr St.
Zamalek, Cairo
Tel./Fax: +20 02-2735-0629

Outside scholars and students will be expected to sign a contract detailing their responsibilities toward the Supreme Council of Antiquities.

Photography of any sort by non-SCA photographers is currently prohibited in SCA Museums.
For instructions on how to request images of objects from SCA museums, please see the SCA Museum Photo Policy.

Other questions or requests may be sent to:

Dr. Zahi Hawass
Secretary General, Supreme Council of Antiquities
3, Adel Abu Bakr Street
Zamalek, Cairo


The Egyptian Museum, Cairo (Ahmed Amin)


The Coptic Museum (Corolis)