Golden Bracelets from the Egyptian Museum
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Date: Greco-Roman
Material: Gold
Provenance: Various
Details: 38 bracelets of various sizes and styles
Excavated: Various

Status: Missing, not yet located

There are a number of objects missing from the Egyptian Museum, Cairo. Among these are 38 bracelets, mainly from the Greco-Roman period, that seem to have been stolen sometime between 1975 and the present.

These come various sites around Egypt, including Tanis, Memphis, and the Theban area. The SCA is actively looking for these, and hopes to find and repatriate them soon.

The Mask of Ka-nefer-nefer, stolen from Egypt and currently in the possession of the St. Louis Museum of Art (St. Louis Museum of Art)

Gold child's bracelet from Tanis, stolen from the Egyptian Museum, Cairo