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The town of Akhmin stands on the ruins of the ancient town of Ipu, dedicated to the fertility god Min. This town was the capital of the 9th Upper Egyptian nome, and was occupied from prehistoric times through to the end of pharaonic history. It was once home to an immense temple complex dediated to Min, supposedly larger than the complex of Amun at Karnak. When Akhmim became the center of Christianity in Upper Egypt, the church of Anu-Shenouda was built on top of this complex.

Recent excavations are beginning to uncover fascinating glimpses of the remains of Ipu. An 11 meter-high statue of Queen Meritamun, daughter and consort of Ramesses II, was discovered here in 1981, along with talatat blocks from the reign of Akhenaten and fragments of other statues. Excavations began here again in 1991, and have uncovered more traces of the Min temple built by Ramesses, including parts of several colossal statues of Ramesses II.

Open daily, 9 AM - 5 PM

Egyptian: 1 LE
Foreign: 20 LE

Student rates available to bearers of a valid student ID from an Egyptian university or an International Student ID Card (ISIC)

Downtown Akhmin, east bank of Nile near Sohag

BY BUS: A microbus runs from Sohag to Akhmin

BY TAXI: ask for “mintaqat akhmin” for the town an "timsaal meret amun" for the statue


Overview of Giza

A colossal statue of Ramesses II recently discovered at Akhmim (SCA Archive)


The colossal statue of Meryt-amun (Kenneth Garrett)