Temple of Zayan
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The principal remaining monument at the ancient city of Tchonesmuris in Kharga Oasis in the Temple of Zayan. Built primarily of mud brick, wtih a stone sanctuary, this was dedicated to Amun of Hibis, Mut and Khonsu. The only dated inscription in the temple is from the reign of the Roman emperor Antoninus Pius.

Daily, 9 AM - 5 PM

Egyptian: 1 LE
Foreign: 20 LE
50% reduction for bearers of International Student ID Card

Kharga Oasis

BY BUS: From el-Kharga, take a bus headed to Baris, but ask to be dropped off at the road (shari’a) leading to the temple (al-maabd). Al-Ghweita Temple is first, and a few kilometers later is Zayan Temple.

BY TAXI: From el-Kharga, ask for maabd el-zayan.

The temple at Qasr el-Zayan (Julie Patenaude)


Stone gateway into the Zayan Temple (Julie Patenaude)