The MSA sponsors a number of public programs throughout the year. Many of the worlds best-known experts in Egyptian history and archaeology present their work at our monthly Monday night lectures, held at the MSAs headquarters in Zamalek, Cairo. Topics include the archeology, history, art, and architecture of periods ranging from prehistory to the modern era. Scholars and the general public alike are invited to attend. Posted here is the annual schedule of Monday lectures; check back regularly to view updates.

In addition, events and educational programs for adults and children are held at venues throughout the country. Annual celebrations such as International Museum Day and the Feast of Archaeologists, along with ongoing educational programs at venues such as the Egyptian Museum, Tahrir, help create a sense of community, and develop public awareness of the importance of caring for and preserving Egypts cultural heritage. Certain events are by invitation only, while others are open to the entire community - contact the Office of Cultural Development for details.


Statue of Ramessesnakht as a scribe. New Kingdom, from the Karnak Cachette (Patrick Chapuis)

The MSA Building in Zamalek (Maggie Bryson)